My Astron Drifter

This kit first appeared in 1964 in the Estes Catalog as K-14. It continued as a kit until 1979. The catalog shows us that there are two paint designs.

The earlier 60s design shown here:

I chose to go with the later 1970s style shown here:

1970s Drifter design

1970s Drifter design

The rocket was marketed as a competition rocket for 18mm parachute duration. The rocket came with two chutes – a larger 24inch chute for competition and a smaller 12 inch chute for sport flying.
I can’t imagine this small rocket on a 24 inch chute. I’m sure it would live up to it’s name – DRIFTER….

Balsa Machining Service
has just offered this short kit as part of it’s Clone of The Month Club. This is my third build in the BMS club offering.
Here’s mine:

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