The N-Prize:How to reach orbit on $2000

The N-Prize is a somewhat whimsical challenge to rocketeers worldwide to place a nano-satellite in orbit for at least 9 orbits and prove it. The real challenge: Do this all on a budget of 999.99 pounds( about $2000 dollars). The request is near impossible. Could an amateur launch a nano-satellite in orbit? Yes it could be done. Maybe using a Rockoon type craft. Could they keep it in orbit at least 9 orbits and prove it? Not on $2000. It would take some creative minds just to make this happen on a much larger budget.

How would you guys approach this if your budgets were not so limited?…and no you cannot piggy back another aerospace project(in the rules). I would use a similar launch as the Farside rocket. A simple Sputnik beep in a sodacan-like nano-satellite.

Official Rules in brief

The N-Prize is a cash prize of £9, 999.99 (nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine pounds and ninety-nine pence, sterling), which will be awarded to the first person or group to put into orbit, around the Earth, a satellite with a mass of between 9.99 and 19.99 grams, and to prove that it has completed at least 9 orbits. The cost of the launch (but not ground facilities) must fall within a budget of £999.99 (about $2000). Imaginative use of string and chewing gum is encouraged. Entrants are responsible for everything, organisers are responsible for nothing.

Official N-Prize site
New Scientist article

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