Carlisle-Stine letters now availble online

The Quest Virtual Rocketry Museum now has the entire chain of letters between Orville Carlisle and G. Harry Stine that represent the dawn of model rocketry. It’s easy to hear Carlisle’s enthusiasm over his invention and Stine’s analysis and suggestions from his missile experience. Stine adds spin tabs to an early rocket to increase it’s stability and also records an early CATO event.

The Quest Virtual Rocketry Museum

The Carlisle-Stine Letters

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One Response to Carlisle-Stine letters now availble online

  1. Site Visitor says:

    Well, if what’s up there now is the ENTIRE chain of letters, then Quest has certainly been generous to themselves in promoting the material. From Quest’s Website: “Hundreds of letters that will engage you as the two visionaries created what we know today as model rocketry.”

    I agree, however, that the letters that are available are incredibly fascinating! Let’s hope that there will be more to follow…

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