The M.A.G.P.I.E.s have landed for NSL


Top has NSL Logo

In a joint venture between The Rocketry Blog (Wayne Hill) and Eric Truax the M.A.G.P.I.E.s have landed for NSL 2008.
What’s a M.A.G.P.I.E.?…..It’s a Mining Android Geological Prospecting Ion Engine. The M.A.G.P.I.E. is a neat little paper rocket created by Eric Truax. It is perfect for those packs of A10-PT motors that are so readily available at your local Walmart. The M.A.G.P.I.E. NSL 2008 is a limited edition M.A.G.P.I.E created especially for NSL 2008 and WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME (until June 15th…extended by popular demand)…so download yours now! I will be at NSL 2008 handing out a few of these to lucky attendees.

Magpie – Blue – NSL 2008
Magpie – Black – NSL 2008
Instructions and Story

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