Rumors of the Mojave Green G76

The eagerly anticipated Mojave Green G76 motor has yet to be seen at motor retailers. Rumor has it that the G76 has been delayed for at least another month. Unfortunately that means I probably won’t get to use it at the NSL launch in Orangeburg, SC. The rumor mill also suggest that the 7 second delay was delaying certification and that the 4 and 10’s were OK.

Here is the original press release:
AeroTech Introduces New G76G 29mm Mojave Green Reload Kit at NARCON 2008
AeroTech is releasing a new Mojave Green™ propellant reload kit for AeroTech and Rouse-Tech™ RMS-29/40-120 reloadable model rocket motor hardware, the G76G.

The G76G produces a highly visible exhaust plume with Mojave Green’s distinctive green color. It is a two-grain configuration similar to the redesigned G64W and the G71R released last year, and likewise may be shipped via U.S. Mail Parcel Post® with no hazmat fee. The G76G will be available in three time delays: G76-4G (P/N 77504), G76-7G (P/N 77507) and G76-10G (P/N 77510)

National Association of Rocketry (NAR) certification testing for the G76G is in-process. AeroTech’s measured total impulse for the G76G is 118 N-sec. Other statistics include a burn time of 1.5 seconds, average thrust of 76 Newtons, peak thrust of 196 Newtons, propellant mass of 60.0 grams and initial mass of 147 grams. It may be used interchangeably in the same kits as the G64W and G71R reloads, with the same time delays.

The G76G reload kit will be priced the same as the G64W and G71R, at $12.95 each. AeroTech is accepting orders for the G76G now and anticipates shipments to dealers and distributors to begin by late April.

Instructions, assembly drawings and the official NAR certification document for the G76G will soon be available for download in PDF format from the AeroTech Resource Library.

UPDATE: 5/22 – Motors are now availble

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