NASA’s First 50 Years

I received for Christmas this year a wonderful coffee table book called “America in Space: NASA’s first 50 years”. It’s an absolutely gorgeous book. I spent hours on Christmas slowly thumbing through the stunning photographs.
NASA has released a photo gallery of some of the pictures from the book online.
You can take a look here.

NASA also has a 50th anniversary page with a great deal of information about the anniversary.

“Over the next year, NASA will celebrate 50 years of scientific and technological excellence. NASA has powered us into the 21st century through signature accomplishments that are enduring icons of human achievement. Among those accomplishments are technological innovations and scientific discoveries that have improved and shaped our lives on Earth in a myriad of ways. Please join us as we celebrate the past and look forward to a promising new era of inspiration, innovation, and discovery.”

You can also view the NASA Timeline

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One Response to NASA’s First 50 Years

  1. mwgriffith says:

    Thank you for the information. I look forward to this! There’s nothing more fascinating to me!

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