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paisleyrocketeers30th PRS 30th anniversary launch in 1965

Did the Paisley Rocketeer’s Society start Model Rocketry?

The Paisley Rocketeer’s Society (PRS) was formed by John D. Stewart in 1935 in Scotland. Stewart was inspired by H.G. Wells and the early rocket mail experiments of Gerhard Zucker. The PRS is responsible for many rocketry first. Among them and maybe most sustantial was the first recorded launch of a complex 3 stage rocket. This basic design was continued to be used in early space programs. The Paisley Rocketeer’s Society were know for their research rockets. Each of the research rockets were known by the desigination of R.R.-x. Another possibly great contribution was the Paisley Rocketeer’s Society was the Rocketry education of generations of rocketeers across Great Britian including hosting launch events. Many believe that the Paisley Rocketeer’s Society were the first to promote rocketry as a hobby/sport.