Clone of the Month Club

Balsa Machining Service is now launching it’s “Clone of the Month Club”.

Each month BMS will offer a clone kit available for purchase.
BMS says:

“All fins & tubes will be precision laser cut.

All kits that originally had decals will come with Water slide decals matching the originals.

If Instructions are not supplied a URL pointing to the appropriate website where the instructions can be found will be given.

Unlike standard BMS clone kits “clone of the month” kits will not be supplied with a parachute. This helps keep costs down and virtually no one in the target audience for these kits needs yet another “assembly required” plastic parachute! You can always, of course, order a chute to go with the kit if you want as a separate item from our website.

This will be a great new resource for rocketeers craving those classic kits. This months clone is the FSI Viking 1


Here is my Viking 1 finished:


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3 Responses to Clone of the Month Club

  1. Kyle Watson says:

    The header card for the Viking 1 may be the only place I’ve ever seen a claim that tube fins “result in greater altitudes than has been possible from flat fin conventional designs”. I wonder if the author of this statement really believed it.

    I ordered 2. At $6 ea., I couldn’t resist.

  2. rcgrabbag says:

    Hi there, really like your site! I noticed you have a link in one of your articles to my website for the Cineroc. Just wanted to let you know the link to my Cineroc article has changed. It is now Your article linking to mine is at
    The Cineroc link to my site was near the bottom of your article.

  3. False Nails says:

    ‘,- that seems to be a great topic, i really love it -:~

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