A little Von Braun


Recently I read the new book by Michael Neufeld “Von Braun”. It was an excellent book and did a great job of putting into historical context the complex Faustian deal Von Braun made in order to reach his goals of space travel. There is no doubt to the amazing contribution he made to the U.S. space program. In a few weeks we will be celebrating one of his achievments that put the U.S. back on track after the U.S. Navy’s Vanguard launch debacle.This would be the launch of America’s first satellite Explorer 1 on Von Braun’s Jupiter C rocket 50 years ago January 31. One of the most amazing things Von Braun did was act as spokesperson/showman/dreamer promoting manned space travel. Starting with his “Man Conquers Space” articles in the 1952 Colliers magazine to his wonderful campaign with Walt Disney, Von Braun got America excited over the possibilities of Space travel. These informational and inspirational talks to the American public showcased Von Braun’s ideas into images of his fantastic spaceships. There is a alternative history film being made now that takes these spaceships and creates an alternate reality. The film “Man Conquers Space” takes the feel of Von Braun’s original ideas to the screen.
I have assembled a collection of related links that should entertain. Please enjoy.
V2 info:
V2 Resources

The Disney Collection:

“Man in Space”
The Launch(Part 1)Part 2
Von Braun talks on Designing a rocket

Paper Models:

Jupiter 1(Juno 1) and Explorer 1 paper models

V2 Paper Rocket

More paper models including the Mercury Redstone and Saturn V are available on my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide

Here is a really great Von Braun documentary:

Part 1
Part 2


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