State of Rocketry(LPR) 2008

I thought I would spend a few moments here at the beginning of 2008 reviewing the state of the Low Powered Rocketry hobby.This year also marks the NARs 50th anniversary

In 2008 how does rocketry compete against the Wii or World of Warcraft? This is a question I keep asking myself. Coming from a generation that watched the Moon landings and looked forward to the next Estes catalog I find it hard to communicate the splendor of rocketry to my 11 year old daughter. The excitement of Space travel has waned in a public stuck in low earth orbit. I do think that public ecxitement over space travel and excitement over rocketry go hand in hand. Until we have a space race possibly with China the excitement over NASA looks dim. How do we get kids excited over rocketry? Recent studies have shown that getting kids outside can improve their health. In the end it’s up to the parents and the schools. Great programs like TARC definitely make a difference. I think there is a need for more Middle School rocketry programs. I was very happy to see the competition envisioned by the MSU Space Cowboys and NAR section #695. We need to get the word out…. Invite groups to your club lauches, hand out free paper rockets, and Introduce teachers to rocketry resources(see right menu under Rocketry Education).

Here are a few reasons I think the future is looking bright for LPR.

-The internet has given us wonderful resources to research every aspect of Rocketry. TRF, EMRR, Rocketry Planet, Rocketry Online to name a few
You can print out a rocket on your printer today and launch it tomorrow
-There are some really great Vendors to buy kits from – Semroc and Fliskits to name a few.
-Online ordering makes any part or kit just a click away

What do you think could boost rocketry in 2008?

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One Response to State of Rocketry(LPR) 2008

  1. SpaceMan2 says:

    I couldn’t agree more. We should be getting their attention in middle school. This is a very influentual time in most kids. We may be even creating future BARs.

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