Paper V2 Hack

I was looking at my enormous collection of rockets recently wondering what my next project should be. It was obvious…I don’t have a V2. I need a V2.
I thought about some of the kits available but came to the conclusion I was going to build Ralph Currell’s cardstock V2 and I was going to hack it to be a flyable model. Other rocketeers have turned this model into a great 18mm flyer. Bob Harrington did a great review of this over at EMRR. It was a very enjoyable build and I highly recommend this model.

The items that I hacked to create my flyable model were:

  • On all of the centering rings I drew a 18mm hole and cut it out instead of the stock hole.
  • I used a BT20 tube throughout the length of the rocket
  • I removed the steering vanes around the motor
  • I separated the rocket about two-thirds up and created a plug adapter.
  • I added nose weight for stability
  • I substituted the internal fin ribs with a solid balsa core.
  • added kevlar to elastic shock cord attached at thrust ring

    As always you can find the link to the plans from my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide

Here she is:


Read this previous post to learn more about V2 resources available on the web.

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