A Short List of Christmas Picks for 2007

It’s that time of year. Rocketeers make their wish lists. My wife and daughter have made a deal with me that they don’t purchase rocketry items for me. They don’t feel like they have the expertise to pick the right items. They leave the rocketry purchases to me. However it’s nice to direct folks in your rocketry purchases. I think that any of these following purchases will be appreciated by a rocketeer.

The two following vendors are for the Low to Mid Power Rocketry Enthusiast. These two companies are absolutely fabulous in customer service, quality, and superior products. Any rocket from these two vendors would be a great purchase.

1. Semroc
2. Fliskits

How about High Power Rocketry? There are 4 vendors that come to mind.

1.Giant Leap Rocketry
3.Public Missiles

How about dressing up a Rocketeer in rocketry garb. The Fliskits rocketry t-shirt is one of my favorites. There are also some great HPR Rocketry t-shirts available from Tim Cherry. Visit his site here. Here are a few more for the well dressed rocketeer.





Saturn V shirt

Countdown Creations

Pratt Hobbies

…and a great collection at Cafe Press

…and how about for the tree.
I have often wanted to hang rockets from my tree. I came to the conclusion that MMX Rockets are perfect for this. There are some great MMX rockets available from Fliskits and Leading Edge Rocketry.
There are also some great Space enthusiast ornaments available from the Space Store. Check out the Space Store for other Space related items.

Books are great gifts. Here are my picks for this Christmas.
Von Braun:Dreamer of Space, Engineer of War

Mark Canepa’s: Modern High Powered Rocketry 2

…and any rocketeer that doesn’t own a copy of Stine’s Handbook of Model Rocketry should

There are links to paper rockets for all occasions in my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide.There is even a rocket called Rudolph the Red Nosed Rocket(scroll down link page).

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One Response to A Short List of Christmas Picks for 2007

  1. Roses are red, sky is blue, you’re a better writer than me for sure, lol 😉

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