Old Model Rocket Vids Never Die


Lee Piester with Centuri rockets

There is something about this time of year that makes me feel nostalgic. I can remember days back in the 1970’s when I launched my small armada of rockets. Things were definitely different then. The news would get out that I planned to launch. Pretty soon the neighborhood was buzzing with kids ready to watch launch and retrieve the rockets. It was pure outdoor entertainment and for that short period I was the MC of the event. Everyone gathered around and in unison counted down to the launch. Motors were hard to come by on my allowance so each launch was a special event and rarely did I launch more that 3 on a given day. I do not have any Super 8s or film from those days just my memory. I treasure those days and was happy to find these videos from the 70s of fellow rocketeers to spur my memories.

Preview from old Model Rocket Prang (crash) films shot by George Gassaway in the 1970’s.

1970s video of someone’s home launches

Doug Holverson’s Rocket ’76

1977 Rocketry

Previous post on some 1960s rocketeers video 

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2 Responses to Old Model Rocket Vids Never Die

  1. David Montgomery says:

    Love that picture from Centuri’s early days!! I still have quite a few of the
    models “active” in my fleet; the Saturn – V, Saturn 1-B, 1/45 Apollo Little Joe – II, SST Shuttle, MMX-774, The Point, Mercury Redstone, Nike Smoke,
    and the clone of the V-2. Thanks for posting that picture.

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