Static to Flyable

I have started to convert some of my favorite static paper rocket models to flyable models. My current build is of the Card in Space Mercury Redstone (link available in my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide). This is a challenging build but a great deal of fun. I converted this model into a flyable 13mm model. The conversion is quite easy and simply means cutting out centering rings for the proper body tube from the disk provided in the build. I did create the tower from toothpicks. I will hopefully post some flight movies soon.Here is my new Mercury Redstone.


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2 Responses to Static to Flyable

  1. brianc says:

    Very nice, Wayne!

    For the 50th anniversary of Sputnik and the Space Race
    theme at our October Section launch, I converted the
    Landsbergen 1:96 paper MR-7 for MMX.

    No major mods required- just a CR, the MMT and lugs.
    (The motor hole at this scale is perfect for MMX)!

    I also extended the capsule connector part, turning it into
    a coupler so the recovery separation occurs there.

    Unfortunately, the weather scrubbed the launch, so I
    don’t have photos. Maybe next month!

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