Two more Sputnik paper models available

Phillipus Lansbergen has added both a paper Sputnik model and a R7 paper model to it’s ever growing list of real space paper models. In honor of the Sputnik anniversary these models became available on Oct. 4th. The Phillipus Lansbergen Public Observatory has been a great source of paper models for the rocketry community.Here is a little info on Phillipus Lansbergen:

“The Philippus Lansbergen Public Observatory Foundation is located at the Herengracht 52 in Middelburg, the Netherlands, and our professional observatory is in Oostkapelle. Although our professional observatory is not open to the pubic, due to the delicate and valuable equipment located there, our location at the Herengracht is open to the public every friday night. Our backgarden is available to show people a glimpse of the universe through our telescopes.”

The models are available here. (click on models)

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One Response to Two more Sputnik paper models available

  1. Nagesh L. Naidu says:

    Thank you for your kind collection of models.
    I am able to make and thrill children on the
    great efforts of man to explore space. Hats off to you. I dream to have your type of museum in India. May God help me in my efforts.

    Humble thanks and kind regards

    57 BTS Road
    Wilson Garden
    Bangalore 560027
    +91 80 22236301
    +91 9448834520

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