Of course you realize at this point that the great 50th anniversary of Sputnik happens on October 4th. So as a space enthusiast, how can you celebrate the orb that ushered in the space race and birth of the age of rockets? There are several possibilities.

1. Build a Sputnik

2. Build the rocket that launched Sputnik (from my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide)

3. Buy a model

4. Go out on the night of the 4th and try to observe a current satellite passing over

5. Read a book 1 2 3 4

6. Get a T-Shirt

7. Read about Sputnik in the News

8. Read about Sputnik in Blogs

9. Knit a Sputnik

10. Throw a Sputnik Party

Here are some related video clips:

Universal News Reel

Sputnik 50 years


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