The Google Lunar X-Prize

The object: Be the first private team to land a rover on the moon. The Rover must travel at least 1640 feet on the surface and return high resolution video and data back to earth.

Google made the announcement at Wired magazine’s NextFest Thurs. Sept 13th. Originally this was supposed to be a prize that NASA was going to offer but NASA backed away and Google has stepped in to offer this prize. This is an exciting opportunity and I hope this promotes the private space sector to try to accomplish the task. It is a bright beacon in an otherwise bleak year for the private space industry. There was the Sea Launch Explosion in January and then the 3 deaths at the Scaled Composites test bed.

An additional 5 million will be added if the rover can travel an additional 5000 meters and/or return pictures of Lunar artifacts like the Apollo mission equipment.

More here

How to win the 20 million

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