Farside Rocket – Flight of a Rockoon

1957satsclick to enlarge

I came across this picture from a 1958 Popular Mechanics. Listed among the rocket configurations was the Farside Rocket. It seem to have a strange box around it and I was totally unfamiliar of its purpose. A little research and I found the following…

In 1957 an attempt to send a rocket to an altitude of 4000 miles. The rocket was the Farside rocket and was launched from an high altitude balloon. Farside is sometimes referred to as a Rockoon (Rocket-Balloon) vehicle.All of the Farside rockets were 4 stage rockets using existing solid fuel technology. There were 6 launch attempts all failed except the 5th and 6th launches which approached the 4000 mile goal.

Video of a Farside launch

Further reading on the Farside Program

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6 Responses to Farside Rocket – Flight of a Rockoon

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  2. rocketaholic says:

    Very interesting article and video. I remember a rocket group recently conducted a project similar to this one.

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  4. Hey there, apparently TIME magazine has written about Far Side, too, in their issue of Nov 4, 1957. They also ran a digram to explain how it was supposed to work.

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