Bayboro, here we come

Everyone is getting excited over the new flying field in Eastern NC. The field located in Bayboro, NC is reportedly huge. Even bigger than Whitakers. The Whitakers field was lost back in early 2006. It was temporarily replaced with the much smaller Battleboro, NC field. The field was a challenge for HPR because of it’s size and orientation. It even came with a nice swamp to swallow up unexpected rockets that decided to drift in it’s direction. Fortunately the search for an appropriate field continued.
This may turn out to be one of the largest fields in the Eastern US. Thanks to the efforts of Alan Whitmore and Lionel Overton. The field is about 3 hours from the Durham, Chapel Hill area….a bit of a drive but certainly inviting. I will not be attending the September launch but plan to be there for the October Sport Launches.
Here is the schedule for the rest of the year.

Sept 22-23      Sat Sport – Sun EX

Oct 13-14       Fall WELD (Whitakers Experimental Launch Days -may need to be renamed BELD)

Oct 27-28        2-day sport launch

Nov 17-18       Sat Sport – Sun EX

Dec 15-16       Sat Sport – Sun EX

official website – hasn’t been updated with this new info yet

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