Video on Model Rocketry from the 1960s


I stumbled upon a great video from the 60s on model rocketry. The short done by the Screen News Digest was one of those films you experienced after the teacher rolled the big projector into the classroom. The short starts with an introduction to Robert Goddard and then continues with the West Covina Model Rocket Society.

Here it is. Enjoy! (new link in comments below)

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9 Responses to Video on Model Rocketry from the 1960s

  1. Rob Henslin says:

    Thanks for the memories Wayne! I’m a BAR as of 2005 after what seems like a lifetime away from the hobby. The West Covina footage is awesome. I’m originally from the Pasadena area but never connected with that group. My brother had a rocket club with his buddies and we used to (try to) launch at the park near the Rose Bowl. We would usually get four or five off the ground before the Pasadena police would come and tell us that “fireworks were not allowed”. Lucerne Dry Lake quickly became the spot for hassle-free launching — along with the thrill of speeding across the desert floor in the 455 Bonneville to catch our birds after a long drift on a jumbo shoot! Thanks for the great site.

    San Jose, CA

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  3. DW says:

    “This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.
    Sorry about that.”

    I hope someone saved it!

  4. Jillian says:

    My brother and I were members of WCMRS and were there when the film was made.

  5. John Eric Thompson says:

    i kept a copy of the video and posted it on youtube:

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