Hotel in Space in 2012?


…Well that’s what the Barcelona based group Galactic Suites is claiming. Make your reservations! The package will include 18 weeks of training on a beautiful tropical island, the rocket ride into space, and 3 days aboard the orbital hotel. At 15 sunsets observable a day that’s a 45 sunset deal.

Orbital hotel chain
The Barcelona-based company is aiming to develop an “orbital hotel chain” with modular space accommodation based on the natural growth of a grapevine. The chain will orbit the Earth at an altitude of 450 km (300 miles) and will welcome its first guests in 2012.

In addition to the space hotel, Galactic Suite Project is also planning a hotel complex on a Caribbean island to accommodate the tourists, as well as on the space shuttles that will transport the “space suites”.

Read More at the Galactic Suite Website 

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One Response to Hotel in Space in 2012?

  1. Yatrik says:

    I wonder about the prices though…I’m sure they’ll be darned expensive…

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