Northrup Grumman and the Lunar Lander


Recently NASA and Northrup Grumman got together to start making an affordable version of the new Lunar Lander take shape. The new lander will benefit from 50 years of technological advances. You can read more from the Northrup Grumman press release here.

Of course you must wonder what great ideas are lurking in the Northrup Grumman Lunar Lander Challenge at the X-Cup.

…And for fun why not build a paper model of the original Lunar Lander. Click here (scroll down page to Apollo Memoribilia for the Gulf model)
or for a more detailed version try this Japanese site

and for a different perspective here is the Russian LEK

the Original LEM, the LEK, and the new LSAM can be found for free download on The Lower Hudson Valley Challenger Center Paper E-Gift shop

All of these and more links can be found on my ULTIMATE PAPER ROCKET GUIDE

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One Response to Northrup Grumman and the Lunar Lander

  1. Debra says:

    Many years ago — maybe 1989? — I worked for public TV in Long Island and we were doing a show about Grumman and the lunar lander. I got to go to Grumman (I can’t remember exactly why) and one of the people I met showed me a wood chunk and paper clip version of the lander. He said it was the original concept piece. I actually got to hold it. Isn’t that cool?!

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