Rocketeer’s Heaven


I felt that this past weekend that I had maybe died and gone to Rocketeer’s Heaven but actually it was just the monthly launch at VAST. This was a launch at their new Arehart Field #3 and what a field it is…. beautiful rolling Virginia countryside big enough for some really exciting launches. I launched every type of recovery-(chute, streamer, copter and glider). I was fortunate enough to launch my Edmonds Geminee gliders along side Robert Edmonds and his RC rocket glider. There were a few certs and my friend Paul had a beautiful flight of his 7 ft SSTOG on an I-435. There was a launch of a 10 ft 1/38th scale Saturn 5. That night launches continued with a night launch. I flew my Semroc Aero-Dart with a series of LEDs around the payload section. What incredible fun! I had driven 250 miles for this launch and it was worth every mile.

Here are videos I took of some TRF’ers rocket launches:
Handeman’s THUG
plasticpaul’s SSTOG
Ben and Will’s 1/38th scale Saturn 5
Video of my Aero-Dart night launch

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