My Astron Sprint

sprint1 click to enlarge

I’ve always loved the clean lines and subtle curves of the Astron Sprint. This is a beautiful rocket and an amazing performer. The Sprint includes several optimizations that increase it’s performance and lower it’s drag. Elliptical fins are the most aerodynamically efficient of the fin designs (more on this here). The Sprint also includes a boat tail that also increases it’s performance . Estes produced the Sprint from 1970-1983 and advertised it as the “highest performance in it’s class”.
I ordered a clone kit from Thrustline Aerospace. The Kit was high quality parts. I downloaded the Sprint instructions from JimZ.
The build was pretty straight forward. Makes sure you have a sharp hobby knife before you attempt to cut the elliptical fins. I painted mine in the style from the 1972 catalog and printed my own decals. I didn’t buy one of these back in the early seventies but wish I had. Jim Flis has an Aston Sprint that he has launched 500 times! Here is a picture of Vernon Estes and Jim  with the Sprint. Vern pushed the button on the 500th launch.

Update: I just finished my second Sprint. It’s a bit larger…


Want your Sprint to perform even better? Take a look at this mod from Larry Renger in 1971

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