Competition Flying

On Saturday I entered my first NAR competition. The competition was being held by ROCC near Charlotte, NC. I had a great time and entered all three of the events that were being held over the weekend. The three events were ‘A’ SuperRoc parachute duration, ‘C’ Eggloft Duration and ‘D’ Streamer duration. I really enjoyed building and flying in this competition.
I don’t know what the total tallies were from the weekend but as of Saturday evening I was second in the ‘C’ Eggloft and tied for first in the ‘D’ duration. The experience was very rewarding. I used standard NAR competition plans for the rockets with a few alterations. Both my Egglofter and D Streamer rockets flew well but the D streamer was a little heavy for the competition. I had trouble with my parachute in the ‘A’ SupeRoc but the rocket flew great. I have a better idea what my chute requirements will be in the future.

NAR Competition Plans 

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