A Paper Rocket stands the test of time

I’m sitting here on a rainy Sunday building another Fliskit’s Midnight Express (link available in the Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide under Fliskits). I’m building a new one because I finally lost my last one after flying it over and over again for almost a year. It is amazing that a little paper rocket can fly so well for so long. The amazing thing is that I didn’t loose it over a the course of the year. It has been flown on A8-3 up to a C6-5 and I estimate it has flown 50+  flights! Yesterday I looked at it and thought it was showing it’s age a bit so I decided that I was going to TRY to loose it and build another. I have actually flown this rocket as a two stager(click on picture to enlarge).


I chronicled this in a previous post. I decided to fly it at an ROCC club launch yesterday as a two stager (to the amazement of fellow flyers). I was prepared to loose it on this first flight (the first time I flew it on a two stager was a perfectly still day). I flew it on a B6-0 to a A8-3. It was a perfectly straight flight very very high. To everyone’s amazement I was able to recover both the booster and sustainer fairly close to the pads. It was then that a fellow flyer (Uncle Vanya on TRF) dared me to fly it C6-0 to C6-5. He said that he would even provide the motors. I took him on and that’s the last I saw of that Midnight Express. I did recover the booster. So with fresh glue on my fingers I build this years Midnight Express.

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