SpaceX launch live broadcast

Today at 4pm California time (7pm Eastern) SpaceX will attempt to launch the Falcon1.

Live Broadcast Here

I will post updates as they come in.

update 1: launch time is now set at 7:45 eastern
update 2: countdown aborted at 1:02 – awaiting disposition
update 3: launch scrubbed
update 4: rescheduled for 7pm EDT Tuesday
update 5: launch at 8:05

update 6: launch aborted again
update 7: What a great launch at 9:11 pm edt – incredible onboard video!
update 8: T+ 5:05 telemetry lost! arrggghh

SpaceX founder ElonMusk says “the rocket didn’t reach the intended orbit and actually may have re-entered the atmosphere.” he goes on to say “90 percent of the Falcon 1 rocket’s technical challenges were proven out with this launch” and “I think it is fair to charactize this as a success”

You can watch the entire launch from T- 16 min to the final moments before telemetry was lost here.

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