My Defender Space Probe

defendermain click to enlarge def1

In 1967 Centuri released a new kit known as the Defender Space Probe. The Defender was Centuri first rocket kit with a 3 engine cluster. Looking at the kit you can immediately see the influence of NASA and the Apollo program. The rocket incorporates many transistions that suggest staging in modern rockets. The rocket also includes a small payload bay. The description in the original Centuri kit says it can carry a payload of up to 3 ounces.
This month Semroc has released the Defender as part of it’s Retro-Repo line of new kits. The new release includes the usual improvements that Semroc is known for like the Kevlar cord and all balsa transistions. The kit is wonderful piece of nostalgia and was a pleasure to build.

defender1-kit The kit defender2-motorm cluster motor

defender3-sanded sanded and sealed

defender4-paint1 painted cluster

One tip that I used that I’ll pass on is paint the clustered engine tubes prior to inserting into the larger tubes. You can sand the areas that will attach to the larger tubes after the paint has dried to create a good seal with the glue.

Engine Approx. Altitude
Three A8-3 400′
Three B6-4 950′
Three C6-5 1600′

defender-flight Defender in Flight – click to enlarge
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2 Responses to My Defender Space Probe

  1. kendra says:

    this rocket looks ku but hard but ya i want to learn how to make it for my class progect so i can go to 7th grade and get a life

  2. rocketry says:

    Kendra – Have you built any other kits? This kit is a bit more difficult than average kits. Semroc ( ) does a great job with instructions that easy to follow and thorough. However if you are looking for your first kit you may want to try something more basic like the Astro-1( ) or the Rawhide ( )

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