Kids , Rockets and Dragonfly TV


One of my main purposes here is to enlighten others to the wonders of science and rocketry. I love to see kids getting involved.  The possibilities of seeing a young rocketeer go on to one day developing a new propulsion system or working in the aerospace industry delight me.

I came across this wonderful video of a program that broadcast on Dragonfly TV. It is of young rocketeers trying to build a rocket and solving some basic rocketry questions. This is a great video to help plant the rocketry seed .

Dragonfly TV’s Model Rockets  or the larger Google video link

here’s another where the kids create simple sensors and deploy them on their rockets.

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3 Responses to Kids , Rockets and Dragonfly TV

  1. DW says:

    I hope someone saved it because it’s gone now.

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