Video of the Top Gear Car Shuttle


Ok the Brits have definitely taken rocketry to the extreme. This is the story and launch of a car (modified into a shuttle) powered by 6 Contrail hybrid ‘O’ motors. Will it launch? Will it fly?


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3 Responses to Video of the Top Gear Car Shuttle

  1. Anders says:

    Amazing, those Top Gear Guy’s are a fantastic bunch of people – creating something that reesembles the shuttle that much AND getting it to fly – i salute them!


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  3. jony mickel says:

    cars, cars, and cars all the way. Cars are the best creation of science and i love them the most.Jeremy is the best part of the show. There are many other reason to watch Top Gear show but the most important reason is its uniqueness. I had never ever seen any TV show as good as Top Gear is. so i will here only recommend you to download Top Gear or watch Top Gear episodes online on

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