Cherokee D

cherokeedmy Cherokee D

I just finished a fun kit. I have always wanted a Cherokee D. I think I first saw it in an Estes catalog in the early seventies. I loved it’s look but was a little afraid of what a D engine could do to such a small rocket. I had very limited space to launch during my first incarnation as a rocketeer. As a BAR things have changed. I have room to launch at our club launches. I recently went online to Thrustline Aerospace and ordered the Cherokee D cloned kit. Thrustline Aerospace does a great job of keeping this kit just like the original balsa version that was around from 1971-1974. Estes changed the kit to having a plastic nose cone during it’s 1975-1983 production. Thrustline also made a few improvements to the original kit. They include kevlar to attach to the engine mount and then to the elastic cord. The original used the rubber shock cord to the estes body tab connection. The balsa was all of high quality and the fins were laser cut. You can obtain the decals from Excelsior Rocketry.

Here are some details:
Astron Cherokee D 1971-1974 (original with balsa nose)
Cherokee D 1975-1983 (plastic nose cone)

21.6 inches long
1.325 dia
2.75 oz.

Plans are available at JIM Z
Review on EMRR

How about an upscale? The Cherokee M


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2 Responses to Cherokee D

  1. Nice job! This was one is one of my all time favorites. It even makes a great 18mm flyer with an adapter. A 12″ chute is plenty for this bird unless it lands on pavement or concrete. Havn’t really tried a streamer but I can’t see how it wouldn’t work.

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