New Paper Rocket Links

I’ve added rockets to the Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide today. Among those added were several links to great Russian rockets from Leo Cherashyn and a link to the great Shuttle site of AXM. Here is a list of rocket links added:

Shuttles 1981-2006 (several models from this period)
Saturn SA-5
Thor-Able 1
Terrier Missles

DNEPR Launcher
Polyus (Energia)
Tcyklon 2 & 3
Lunar Expedition Module (project Vulkan-Energia)
Lunar Orbiter Module (project Vulkan-Energia)
Voskhod 2
Buran Orbitor

 Sci fi-
UFO(from the series UFO)
UFO interceptor(from the series UFO)

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One Response to New Paper Rocket Links

  1. lada says:

    Here is more informations about the Buran orbitor and Energia-M:

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