Who the Heck is Conrad Haas?

Another entry into the “Who the heck” series

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In 1961 in Sibiu, Romania a manuscript  by an Austian military engineer by the name of Conrad Haas was found. In the manuscript Conrad Haas puts into writing some amazing concepts about rocketry at a time when these concepts did not exist. He lived between 1509 and 1576. He is the first person known to put into writing the concept of multi-staging that was later incorporated by Johann Schmidlap. He also writes about spacecraft, delta fins, bell nozzles and even liquid fuel.

Wikipedia entry

Romanian Aviation History

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4 Responses to Who the Heck is Conrad Haas?

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  2. Dean says:

    “Puts into writing amazing concepts about rocketry at a time when these concepts did not exist.” What nonsense! You have no way of knowing what others had written before Haas and there is nothing to support the claims of “spacecraft” or “bell nozzles”. Multi-staging is clearly illustrated but may have been old knowledge by Haas’ time. Pouring brandy on the propellant grain to help it burn better or light more easily by bringing oxidizer into solution with alcohol could qualify as experimenting with liquid fuel, but that’s about it.

    • Dean says:

      My criticism of the enthusiasm with which Haas’ work was described seems in retrospect a bit harsh. He was a many of some vision, which is more easily appreciated if not over-stated. Leaving “extra paper” so that it might be tied in a neck to form the nozzle may form a bell-like shape but is not functionally a de Laval (supersonic) nozzle so has no special significance as implied. Nor does a rocket fancied to be large enought to be ridden become a “spaceship”. Haas’ book is a historical treasure for rocket enthusiasts but I appreciate it most for what it is without the hype.

    • rocketry says:

      Not a fan of Conrad Haas?

      The items you question can be found in these references.
      -Doru Todericiu: Preistoria Rachetei Moderne. Manuscrisul de la Sibiu 1529 – 1569, Editura Academiei RSR, Bucuresti, 1969
      -Erstlich schöne Racketten mancherley Art (article by Richard Friebe)

      “Haas first described in detail are bell-shaped rocket nozzles” are found in many references,along with drawings in the manuscript.
      Perhaps Haas was not the first but the details in the manuscript are some of the earliest that describes these insights. Usually this attributes the concepts as firsts.

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