XPrize Cup Coverage 10-21

Oct 21st – Yesterdays landing of the Armadillo Pixel Spacecraft damaged the landing legs and nozzle when the ship came in too fast. The Armadillo team attempted again today and had another flawless flight however they missed the landing pad causing the ship to fall over. We are waiting for damage accessments. In my opinion the flights are flawless but the remote flying requires better flight views and gps controls. I believe that with better flight “points of view” from the remote cockpit thay will be able to complete the task. They will have another flight window today if the craft is undamaged.

latest update: Armadillo Pixel just crashed on it’s second leg attempt 😦

update:Armadillo completes first leg!

update: Armadillo is reloading for another flight

update: Here is recap video of the flights yesterday

Wirefly XPrize Cup Blog: http://xprize.wirefly.com/blog.html

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