Maple Seed Recovery

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I was getting into my car and several maple seeds fluttered down from my neighbor’s maple trees onto the windshield. I picked one up and said to myself “Nature’s perfect monocopter”. I love flying helicopter recovery rockets. If you are with me at a launch I will always send up at least one. I have several standard helicopter recovery rockets. Some are from kits others are scratch built. I also have a Gyroc which has been dear to me and a scratch built prototype called the Teepee Twister which performs really well. As I stood holding the maple seed I remembered something I read online. I had seen references to “maple seed’ recovery rockets in my research. I began again to scour the web for more information and to my delight I found plans on the education web site of Univ. of Indiana.The plans are for a rocket called the Cyclone. The rocket incorporates the maple seed recovery method. The rocket splits into at apogee. The “SPIN” unit and the “STABILIZER” unit. The next day I began construction of my very own Cyclone. It was an easy build. I would place it at about skill level 2. The instructions are very thorough. Follow the measurements and instructions carefully. This rocket must be correctly formed and balanced to work properly. I was over at a fellow BARs house yesterday and was able to launch mine for the first time. I’m in love. This rocket performed beautifully.Great flight and spectacular recovery. Like the Gyroc it takes no time to prep the rocket for another flight. No wadding just put the rocket back together and put in an engine. Everyone should have one of these.

Here is a link to the plans

Backup link at Internet Archive
Happy Flying!

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4 Responses to Maple Seed Recovery

  1. Jeremy says:

    Lees Gravity,

    Thanks for posting this on TRF! I think I am going to try to get some of those Quest kits from Hobby Lobby that are so cheap and see if I can actually pull the parts together to make this. It’d be my first ‘kit bash’. Thanks for agian for finding and posting this link. I saved it as offline web pages in case IU notices the extra traffic and takes them down.


    (Posting on TRF as Funnyjeremy)

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  3. Dan Eastwood says:

    Thanks for providing these plans! – I’m looking forward to building one over the winter and seeing how it flies first, and then I am going to suggest that our club all build these together one night as a clubmeeting activity.


  4. glenn says:

    Hi, This is just what I was looking for for the new class @ Naram-51; “1/8A HD.” Will keep u posted. Thanks, Glenn

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