The British are Coming

Starchaser, a commercial space company in Britain, unveiled it’s new Skybolt sounding rocket this past week. The Skybolt is privately funded and will attempt to carry science experiments to altitudes of 83 miles. Skybolt will attempt to make the first British space launch since the British government stopped their Space program back in 1971.

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Press Release (PDF) 

Skybolt Specifications

Overall Dimensions
  Height 11.6 m (38 ft)
  Diameter 810 mm (2.66 ft)
  Finspan 2286 mm (7.5 ft)
  Launch Mass 2500 Kg (5512 lb)
  Recovery Parachute
  Propulsion 1 x STORM bi-liquid lox / kerosene engine
  Total Impulse 3.23 MNs (725,445 lb secs)
  Average Thrust 68.7 kN (15432 lb)
  Maximum Speed 1440.6 mtrs/sec (3222.57 mph)
  Max Mach number 4.80
  Max Altitude 135,632 mtrs (444,989 ft, 83.52 miles)
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