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The terror that rained down on London, the V-2, is one of the most reproduced rockets amoung modelers.
The rocket developed by von Braun and his team at Peenemunde has been reproduced in models by several rocket companies over the years. Here is a list of flyable kits. If you don’t want to buy a kit you may want to create a paper model. There are several printable kit version links on my Ultimate Paper Rocket Guide. If you are looking to do research nothing beats V2rocket.com
Interesting V-2 facts
-6240 originally built
-3590 originally flown
-Out of those 3590 flights 2890 were successful (81%)
-1200 V-2s were fired at London alone

V-2 variants
-A-4b link 1, link 2
-Wasserfall link 1, link 2, link 3
Bumper V-2

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