10x Mars Lander

This is an amazing HPR upscale. Mike Stoop and Andy Woerner created a 10x upscale of the Mars Lander back in 2003. The rocket was flown at Plaster Blaster 2003 on an M1939 and 4 outboard J330s. Here is the video(WMV). You can obtain the DVD for Plaster Blaster II here.

Mike Stoop has just recently launched Mad Cow Rocketry. The store launches on Sept. 1st and will carry a nice line of 29mm rockets. Among the rockets he’ll carry are 2 versions of the Honest John (31 and 50) and the V2 like Momba.

On a more modest scale you can build your own Mars Lander by obtaining a kit from Semroc. This is a fun build and seems to be a favorite throughout rocketry circles.

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