Water Rocket World Record Video

OK. Got 25 minutes to spare and a broadband connection? You’ve got to watch this video. It’s by the guys who set the world altitude record for water rockets. Amazing amount of research and developement plus a good deal of trial and error. These things can be dangerous with pressures of 1300 psi. The key ingredient in the end is carbon fiber.

So sit back and enjoy.

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3 Responses to Water Rocket World Record Video

  1. Stretch Dude says:

    This is old news. These guys have had their water rocket world record broken several times already by a group called U.S. Water Rockets. Their current highest water rocket altitude is over 2000 feet! They have videos of their launches and even onboard video from the water rockets in flight! It’s way cooler! Check out http://www.sumrallworks.com/rockets/main.php3?area=links&link_type=Alt%20Records for the current standings!

  2. izhal says:

    It may be old news stretch dude, but its in a category of its own. That is using pop bottles as the motor. The us water rocket team uses pvc pipes if im not mistaken.

  3. Andrew says:

    According to the rules, there is no such thing as a pop bottle class. There is no special categories for bottles or PVC pipes. There is a class for altitude using a single stage and one for altitude with multiple stage water rockets. A 3rd class is there for hang time with a unmodified 2l bottle. The official water rocket rules and water rocket safety code are located here: http://www.wra2.org

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