Teacher interest in Space

The Space Foundation institute for teachers increased it’s enrollment by nearly 10% this year.

Courses are one week long and are designed to help teachers use space themes in the classroom to enable improved student performance in literacy, science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other subject areas.”

see the entire article here

I’m realizing that rocketry is associated as a summer activity in many educators minds. I find this in reports from 4-H, Scout, and Summer camps. However summer is not my favorite time to launch. When is your favorite launch season? I supposed this has a great deal to your geographical region. Here in the South we contend with high humidity, scourching sun and myriads of insect pest during the summer. Of course anytime I can convince an educator to launch rockets is the optimal launch time.

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One Response to Teacher interest in Space

  1. pjm says:

    My parents’ house has a good-sized pond in the back yard, and when it would freeze over in the winter I would launch from there. That made it pretty easy to find and recover the rocket (though if the recovery system failed, the crash landing was pretty hard.)

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