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Lockheed to build the Orion Crew Vehicle

Nasa has chosen Lockheed Martin to build the Orion Crew Vehicle to return the US to the moon. The Orion vehicle will be able to carry 4 crew members to the moon and will later be adapted for Mars missions. … Continue reading

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10x Mars Lander

This is an amazing HPR upscale. Mike Stoop and Andy Woerner created a 10x upscale of the Mars Lander back in 2003. The rocket was flown at Plaster Blaster 2003 on an M1939 and 4 outboard J330s. Here is the … Continue reading

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New Quest Website

Quest has updated their website. Looks like they are in the process of having several items online including their catalog. There are still coding problems. Links are dead and some links open in frames that are way to small for … Continue reading

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Spaceflight Survey

Want to go into space? If you had lots of money how much would you spend? Would you go suborbital, orbital, or around the moon? Take the survey Space: The Next Incredible Adventure A Survey of Adventurers

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Plans and Publication Update

Just noticed that new updates are showing up at Ye Olde Rocket Plans. Some of the plan updates include the Estes Silver Comet , the Centuri Defender Space Probe, and several Holverson Design Rockets. I think that the ZOOMIE looks … Continue reading

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Space Race II

I often wish that there was a second Space Race that would accelerate NASA’s agenda. While surfing the web yesterday I came across these two stories about Russian plans that remind me of the Space Race. According to RussianSpaceWeb the … Continue reading

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Project Orion

Back in 1969 it was Project Apollo that placed men on the moon. The next time the US launches for the moon it will be Project Orion. This story was leaked last month and appeared on Now we have … Continue reading

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