I’ve been reading up on X-Planes this afternoon. I’ve been thinking about a couple possible X-Plane builds. During my browsing I came across this great X-Plane site. Has anyone done a X-Plane build other than the Estes X-15?…. Fictional X-Planes like my X-21 included.

Came across this great article on a Travel website about Space Tourism

Had a great launch day on Saturday. I launched my Semroc SLS Aero-Dart for the first time. Great launch on a E9-6 in pretty strong winds.It’s a big LPR rocket and was suprised at the altitude. I really love the locking switchable motor mounts…can’t wait to see what it will do on a 29mm motor. I launched my Thrustline Mars Probe for it’s first flight on a B6-4. I really like this little ship. Not only is it a great looking rocket but it flies straight and true.