Who the heck is Johann Schmidlap?

Johann Schmidlap, a German fireworks maker, while trying to reach higher altitudes for his fireworks displays was the first person known to use staging in rocketry. In 1591 he attached smaller rockets on the tops of bigger rockets. After the larger rockets exhausted their fuel the remaining smaller rockets were fired. Schmidlap called his discovery “step rockets”. Today we call it multi-staging. Thanks to Schmidlap’s step rockets a process for reaching the moon and the planets was invented. I wonder if he ever tried CHAD staging?

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5 Responses to Who the heck is Johann Schmidlap?

  1. Constantin S. Lacatus says:

    Dear Sirs,

    As organizer of the Intl. Conference entitlrd: “The Medieval Conrad Haas- the Sibiu’s Pioneer of Aeronautics” I invite you to nominate a representative to participate in our conferene, which will be held in Sibiu, Romania on the period 22-26 of May 2007.

    This conference is part of the project “Conrad Haas in the Sibiu area” which was selected in the general program-Sibiu 2007 Cultural Capital of Europe.

    Thank you in advance.

    Constantin S. Lacatus
    President of the Zone Geographical Initiative “People of Sibiu for Peace”
    Project Coordinator

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