Battleboro Launch on Saturday

It has been a long wait for a replacement for the Whitakers, NC launch site. Finally, this Saturday, the Battleboro launch site will have it's inaugural launch. I have been putting together a launch checklist of items to bring to a launch. Hopefully I will post that here soon. In the meantime here is a picture of my Estes engine box.

update: thanks to the folks over at the Rocketry Forum – here is the ever evolving list 


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One Response to Battleboro Launch on Saturday

  1. Dick Stafford says:

    Here are my adds (some are specific to my flying fields and I don’t bring all this to all launches):

    5-minute epoxy (in lieu of CA)
    rail and pad (to fly rockets with buttons where not supported or reduce the wait by setting up by any free pad)
    extra shoes or flip-flops (read that ‘dry shoes’)
    garden shears (for help in navigation thru brush)
    toilet paper (in case the port-pots is not stocked)
    paper towels
    ice chest
    extra water
    dog bowl, dog treats, dog food, extra water, and the dog (long shock tethers worg great as leashes)
    FRS radios

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