Rocket of the Week – 6/6/2006

Rocket of the Week

Astron Gyroc

The Gyroc was originally released in 1965 and was offered as “Free with a $5.00 order” in the 1967 Estes MRN. The kit was listed as K-24 and was offered through 1983.
I love my Gyroc. I was originally was planning to build it from scratch but discovered that Balsa Machining Services (scroll down the page) offers it as a “Short Kit” (all the parts but you need to download the instructions). It was an easy build and I painted mine a bright yellow. This rocket uses autorotation recovery in a uniquely clever way. The motor ejects and release two tabs that are held in place by the motor. The fins assume the helicopter form and the rocket floats down spinning. I’ve made a few mods to mine. The kit was great however the thin elastic thread used to pull the fins into the helio position was much too light. I switched to a heavier elastic and positioned the elastic to pull perpendicular to the joint so that the fin joint is not stressed. I have had many wonderful flights with this bird. Here she is:

It is quickly reset by inserting a new motor. No wadding or parachute packing here. Just an afternoon of flying fun.

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