Launch notes

People love to watch Art Applewhite's saucers launch. No matter where I go they love the loud slow launches of the saucers.
I highly recommend if you are doing any exhibition launches to bring the saucers and/or cones along. They are also great when the space is limited. I launched two this weekend in 10 mile an hour winds and still landed them within 10 feet of the launcher. Another favorite of the crowds are autorotation recovery rockets. This is one of my favorite things to launch now. I have become obsessed with this type of recovery. This past week I have launched my autorotation recovery rockets several times. I have a QCR High Rotor II helicopter and a scratch build from these NAR Competition plans(PDF). Both rockets have breathtaking long duration recoveries. I have QCR Ultimate II which I am in the process of building. The only problem with these rockets is they need windless days and those have been few and far between.

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