Now that’s a nice cluster! (part 2)

In 1952 Colliers Magazine ran a series of articles about mans future in space. These articles written by a group of visionaries headed by Wernher Von Braun. Now these articles are the inspiration for a new alternative history movie "Man Conquers Space". Check out the Saturn Shuttle. The first stage is a cluster of 52 engines with a combined thrust of 28 million pounds! SaturnShipDiag

Here it is on the pad

Saturn at launchpad

I find inspiration in this for a new build. Check out my new Inspiration page for other sources of inspiration.

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One Response to Now that’s a nice cluster! (part 2)

  1. Dick Stafford says:

    Cool page! Do you have a copy of Jack Haggerty’s Spaceship handbook? (I’ve got a review on EMRR). Other possible references:

    Hmmm, though I had more …. somewhere…

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