It all started on Christmas 1973. My father gave me my first Estes launch set which included an Alpha rocket. Eagerly I put the rocket togther. The next day my father was so excited by the idea of launching the rocket that he insisted that we do it that day. I protested. I knew that the low cloud cover of that day would be within reach of the Alpha on the C engines he gave me. He persisted and the launch went on. The rocket left the pad punched through the clouds never to be seen again. My father felt so bad that he went out and bought my second rocket. An Estes Honest John. It not only was the surface to surface workhorse of the U.S. Army – it was the workhorse of my early fleet. My Dad and I enjoyed much father son time launching that rocket. I lost it a few years later when it drifted to the nearby wood.
Now that a I'm a BAR I have often thought of rebuilding that rocket. I'm glad to say that now I have. I even tried to keep the paint scheme from my original and thanks to a member of this forum that suggested that Semroc had a nose cone that would work.

Here it is