Sunday Schoolyard Sounders

Spent the morning shooting off some of my schoolyard sounders. It is a treat sometimes just to shoot off the 13mm motors. There are not great altitudes but respectful ones for small fields. I have been having trouble with my new QCR Rotaroc 13mm helicopter recovery rocket. I have flown it 3 times and the rotors have failed to open each time. It then just becomes a complicated lawn dart. I'm not sure what is causing the rotors to hang. It seems that the elastic thread has successfully burned through. I will keep investigating and repairing the minor damaged from lawn darting. Autorotation recovery is a tricky thing and I'm determined to master it.

update: It was suggested to change the rubberbands on the Rotaroc to stronger thicker bands. The supplied bands were just a bit too wimpy. Went out first thing this morning and tested. Success! Great long duration flight. Drifted the length of the soccer field in the gentle breeze. Thanks Rose!

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