Unibody Staging

I came across an idea from the past that I thought I would give some light. On a recent post I talked about CHAD staging. Somewhere in between CHAD staging and normal staging comes the concept of Unibody staging. In Unibody staging a finless pod is built to hold the booster stage. The pod falls away much like the firststage of a modern rocket but the pod is much smaller than a normal stage and usually incorporates a streamer to make it visible after separation. I found the plans to the Uni-Bird (pdf) on Ye Olde Rocket Plans. I found during the building of this bird that it wasn’t nearly as stable as I would like it. I made some small modifications including weighting the nose and believe that I now have a stable bird. Soon at our regional launch I will get my first chance to test this concept. I will hopefully have a full report after that.

uni1 uni2 uni-3

uni-bird—————- with pod ——————-without pod

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